Our new and vastly improved OhMiBod Remote is a revolutionary way to connect and control any of our OhMiBod personal massagers (except our Club Vibe 2.OH) to your smartphone or tablet. The app is designed for solo or partner play.

The OhMiBod Remote includes a number of different control modes including touch to play, tap & record, accelerometer control, voice input, as well as pre-set patterns.

The new OhMiBod Remote delivers an infinite array of vibration patterns while
connected to your iOS or Android smartphone. Control the intensity of the vibration patterns within each functional mode simply by adjusting the volume on your device.

Our new blueMotion Bluetooth connected wearable massager will enable you to pair your massager directly to your device. blueMotion will be available for sale beginning Spring 2014. Sign up to be notified by email when blueMotion is available!

New functionality includes:

  • TOUCH: This was our first functionality with an improved interface that allows you to easily "Favorite" a personally created pattern and then swipe left to edit and name that custom pattern.
  • VOICE: Use your own voice or any ambient sounds to create a customized looping vibration pattern. Your partners voice, a song on the radio or a favorite mix at a club ... this unique experience is absolutely addictive.
  • TAP: Simply tap the screen for up to 5 minutes in any crazy pattern you can come up with and it will play back those vibrations. The longer you hold your finger on the screen, the stronger and steadier the vibrations.
  • WAVE: using the phones built-in accelerometer, simply wave the phone from side to side or use it as a "gas" pedal to drive stronger and steadier vibrations. When you find a vibration pattern that works for you, simply "lock" it in!
  • RHYTHM: A number of pre-set patterns are loaded into this section. We'll add to those with periodic updates.
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